Design Services

Helms Construction can assist you in the design stage, taking your initial concept and developing the structural design with accessories that best accommodate your pre-engineered metal building needs. You will receive a complete set of prints for your commercial industrial steel building, stamped by an engineer licensed in Alberta.

Maximum Efficiency and Peak Performance

When you hire Helms Construction you will receive the highest quality pre-engineered steel building system available, one that meets all necessary design and manufacturing codes. Our pre-engineered steel building system is designed to avoid on site welding, so most of our structures are assembled using only high strength bolts and fasteners. This makes steel building systems faster to erect, saving you time and money. All of our building components have been designed specifically to act together as a system to provide maximum efficiency, precise fit and peak performance in the field.

Custom Designs

Helms Construction can supply you with a wide variety of different types of buildings, such as:

  • Heavy Industrial Buildings
  • Light Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangers

Clear Span Structures

Clear Span Structures are welded, rigid frames that span the entire width of a building. Each is individually designed and constructed without the use of interior columns, leaving the interior with an open appearance with no sight obstructions. We can design Clear Span Structures in excess of 300 feet.

Multi Span Structures

Multi-Span Structures are also individually designed, welded rigid frames, but they use supporting interior columns to span the length of a building.

Standing Seam Metal Roof (RTL24)

The RTL Standing Metal Roof system is unique in that it features a “tilt and lock together” panel, which provides a watertight seal. This is possible because there are no fasteners that pass through the roof material. Instead, floating chips are utilized to allow for expansion and contraction of roof panels during temperature changes.

Storm Seal

Storm Seal roofing and siding panels are deep rib panels that are designed to provide an economical solution for buildings with wide purlin and girt spacing. Storm Seal panels are constructed from light gauge steel and are capable of supporting large snow and wind loads.


Economical and visually attractive, Versa Seal is a versatile, low rib roof, wall and liner panel that performs well in commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential structures.

Tech Loc

Tech Loc Sandwich Panels are sculptured fluted panels that exhibit outstanding structural strength. These interlocking panels are strong enough to span up to 14” without support in many applications, making them very useful for use around roof and wall panels.

Structural Sections

We have a wide variety of affordable cee and zee steel structural sections for use in light framing applications or to be used in place of hot rolled structural sections.

All of our pre engineered steel building systems are:

  • ISO 9001 – 2000 registered
  • CSA – A660 certified for source quality control
  • CSSBI registered for pre-finish sheet steel fabrication, transportation, site storage, and erection
  • CWB 47.1 certified for welded fabrication
  • U.L. Class 90 rating for Standing Seam Roof & Wall Assemblies
  • ASTM E160 Air Infiltration Test for air & water penetrations
  • S16 for structural frame erection